Go to the following link for the Office of Student Financial Planning. Here you will find a Student Financial Aid Handbook and information on how to apply for program financial aid.

No student is considered for financial assistance until accepted into the DPT program with payment of the $500 non-refundable matriculation deposit.

Federal and State regulations restrict all federal aid to citizens or permanent residents of the United States. The University requires international students applying for admission to present evidence of sufficient funds to cover all tuition, fees, books and living expenses for their course of study in the program.

The financial aid policies of the Program in Physical Therapy are designed to assist students to secure funds to help pay their education and related expenses. Assistance is in the form of grants, loans, scholarships, and/or Federal Work-Study provided by federal, state, university, and/or private sources. Financial aid is based on merit, financial need, enrollment status and availability of funds. This assistance is supplemental to the student's financial resources.

Estimated Budget for AY 2012-2013

First Year
Class of 2015
(12 months)
Second Year
Class of 2014

(12 months)
Third Year
Class of 2013
(9 months)
TUITION* # $32,900 $31,900 $25,235
Student Health Service** 1,140 1,140 1,140
Medical insurance premium** 3,767 3,767 3,767
Program fee 3,000 3,000 3,000
PTA student membership and Chapter Dues (NY) 85 85 85
CUMC technology fee (computer access) 360 360 360
Transcript fee 95 0 0
Books and supplies (required texts) 1,835 1,225 900
TOTAL $43,182 $41,477 $34,487
Living Expenses
Housing 12,657 12,657 10,356
Food 6,832 6,832 5,590
Personal and Miscellaneous Expenses 3,621 3,621 2,963
TOTAL $23,110 $23,110 $18,909

*Tuition is set annually by the Board of Trustees. The program tries to keep tuition constant for each incoming class during Years I and II. Year III tuition is less as students spend only the fall semester at Columbia in didactic course work. The entire spring semester is comprised of a clinical internship at affiliation sites across the country or abroad.

# Tuition will be $15,950 for Fall and Spring. Summer tuition will be $500.

**These fees are compulsorily. Students who carry comparable hospital insurance may waive the medical insurance premium.


Types of Assistance

Program Scholarships

Merit Scholarships
These scholarships are awarded to students based on undergraduate academic achievement with cumulative grade point averages of 3.650 and above. The amount of the scholarships varies on a yearly basis depending on program support, alumni giving and other donations by friends of the program.

Applicants do not apply for these scholarships. These scholarships are awarded as part of the acceptance letter and are based on the final transcript that indicates receipt of the baccalaureate degree and cumulative grade point average. Applicants who have not received their baccalaureate degree at the time of acceptance receive a provisional scholarship award. The scholarship is finalized with program receipt of the final transcript that indicates conferral of the degree and final cumulative average.

The award is renewed yearly, over the 3-year program; under the condition the student maintains a set grade point average in the DPT program. Fifty-nine percent of the students comprising the classes of 2013-2015 have received a merit scholarship.

Yellow Ribbon Program
An initiative authorized by the Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008 in which educational institutions provide eligible student veterans with a tuition waiver or grant matched by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. The program's contribution of support for each eligible veteran will be $3,000 in 2012-13.

Clinical Fellowship
Fellowships are awarded to students for the internship, the final clinical education experience that serves as the capstone of the program. Fellowships of varying dollar support are used to help defray costs for travel and living expenses for students seeking challenging affiliations nation-wide. Students apply for these fellowships, which are competitive, based on certain criteria. The final determination for award is based on the recommendations of the Co-Directors of Clinical Education.

Private Scholarships
Individuals and foundations endow scholarship money to the program. When such funding becomes available, students, depending on the stipulations of the donor, are made aware of this support and are invited to apply. These awards are competitive and selection is determined by the program's Scholarship Committee.


Other Resources

It is recommend that applicants check the American Physical Therapy Association web site for
additional financial aid information at

Another resource is the Foundation Center Library, 79th Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10003,

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